Getting the most out of bubble – sitters



For our hero babysitters, bubble is babysitting made simple. It means more jobs and more money, all via an app that makes the entire process – from being asked to sit to getting paid – easy, convenient and transparent.

We want all of our sitters to get the most out of bubble so we’ve put together a few tips below to help ensure they do:

1. Create an interesting and friendly profile

Aside from specific childcare experience, most parents like to know some additional background info on potential babysitters. So a well-written biography can really help sell yourself to a prospective family. It doesn’t need to be too long or formal – just tell people a bit about you, from what you might have studied at University to your hobbies and interests. And of course, use your profile to showcase any relevant qualifications or experience you have with regards to kids and childcare.

2. Upload a good profile photo

We decided to make adding a profile photo a required step in signing up with bubble because we feel that having a good photo is key to building a profile that other users can trust. And both the parents and sitters we’ve spoken to feel the same. So take that extra minute to ensure your profile photo is clear and a god representation of who you are. It’s not a requirement but smiling doesn’t hurt!

3. Hook up to your network

The beauty about bubble is that the app will connect you to parents that are already part of your community and personal network. And we know that parent’s are more likely to book a sitter they have a personal connection with.

It’s really easy to hook up to and grow, your network on the app. If you do this – you’re going to get more booking requests from more parents – fact. So take a moment to visit the “My bubble” page of the app and make sure you’ve integrated with Facebook and added the community places you’re affiliated to. e.g. any nurseries and schools you work at.

4. Invite your friends and parents you know

Inviting the parents you know onto the app with your unique referral code is another great way to build up your network as anyone you invite will be connected  to you – and automatically, so too will the other parents that they know.

Inviting other babysitters you know is also smart because in doing so, you’ll get connected to the parents that they know, increasing your pool of potential employers.

5. Boost your ratings

One sure-fire way to make yourself a desirable sitter is to have a host of fantastic reviews from the parents you’ve sat for before. So at the end of any successful sit, be sure to ask the parents to leave a nice comment about you once it’s all over. They’ll be doing the same so don’t be shy!


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