Getting the most out of bubble – Parents

Rocket ShipWe started bubble to make parents’ lives easier and we’re busy working hard on making our babysitting app as easy, intuitive and useful as possible. So while hopefully the app does most of the hard work for you, there are a few things you can do to ensure you’re getting the most out of bubble – by which we mean that finding a trusted babysitter is now a pleasure not a chore.

So how do you get the most out of bubble?

1. Write an interesting, friendly bio

We spoke to many sitters when designing our product. One thing they liked about bubble is that the app offers them greater transparency by giving them a glimpse of who the parents requesting their services are. So while there’s no need to write your life story, spend a couple of minutes updating your profile with a bit about you and your kids. Sitters see this when they receive a booking request from you, before they decide whether to do it or not. They’ve told us how this type of info up-front helps instill trust and makes it more likely that they’ll accept the job.

2. Upload a good profile photo

We decided to make adding a profile photo a required step in signing up with bubble because we feel that having a good photo is key in building a profile that other users can trust. And both the parents and sitters we’ve spoken to feel the same. So take that extra minute to ensure your profile photo is a clear and good representation of who you are. It’s not a requirement but smiling doesn’t hurt!

3. Hook up to your network

The beauty about bubble is that the app will show you sitters that are already part of your community and personal network. It’s really easy to hook up to and grow, your network on the app. If you do this – you’re going to find it easier and quicker to book a trusted babysitter – fact. So take a moment to visit the “My bubble” page of the app and make sure you’ve integrated with Facebook and added the community places you’re affiliated to. e.g. your kids nurseries and schools.

4. Invite your friends and sitters

Inviting your friends to the app with your unique referral code is another great way to build up your network as the friends you invite will be connected to you – and automatically so too will their own network of friends and sitters.

And as for your sitters, getting them onto the app means you can manage the entire booking conveniently and easily and at the same time, connecting with them will link you up to their own network, which is bound to include some other potential babysitters. Meaning you won’t be caught short when your regular sitter’s out of town.

5. Boost your ratings

With bubble it’s a two-way street. We want hero sitters to rescue our hard-working parents but we also want great parents that sitters want to sit for again and again. That’s why our rating system is two-way. You rate your sitter at the end of each sit and they do the same right back. And one sure-fire way to make yourself a desirable parent to sit for is to have a host of fantastic reviews from the sitters you’ve used before. So at the end of any successful sit, be sure to ask your sitter to leave a nice comment about you on the way out. They’ll be asking the same of you so don’t be shy!


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