11 reasons why Mums are superheroes

We all know our Mums are bonafide heroes, but which superhero would your Mum be? Probably all of your favourites wrapped into one, because when it comes to super-powers – they’ve got the lot. 1.  They can appear in 3 places at once.  School pick-up, work meeting and your sister’s dentist appointment all at once? Sure. No problem. 2. They can crush you with a silent stare. Normally reserved for those times when you did something really bad and rather than scream at you, they just stared in disappointment, saying absolutely nothing at all. The shame! 3. They’re saving us …

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5 cool things for entrepreneurial London parents

Spring Budget aside, there’s never been a better time for parents to be starting their own businesses, or making the leap to self-employment, particularly in London. Whether you work freelance, have started or are thinking of starting a business, or you just want some space to think about your life goals while networking with likeminded people, there is definitely something on offer for you. Google Campus for Mums (& dads) Currently accepting applications for its 10-week course starting in May, Google Campus has been designed for parents who have a business idea or are in the early stages of launching …

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