The 10 tips for getting your child to sleep on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is an incredibly exciting time, which can make it difficult for kids to settle down and go to sleep. However, it’s also the time when parents are trying to finish off their present wrapping and waiting for kids to nod off so they can sneak in with their stocking. Make sure they get to bed on time with these top tips: 1. Limit their sugar intake before bed. As tempting as it is to smash open the selection boxes early, keep your eyes on the prize (bedtime) and save the treats for Christmas day. 2. You might love

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3 Awesome Things We Saw For Parents This Week

Thought a lazy Sunday afternoon relaxing in the local café was a thing of the past? Think again! Here are three awesome things we saw last week, which as parents we wanted to share… Bear & Wolf Cafe Remember those heady days of spending hours in a local café, sipping coffee while casually working your way through the Sunday Papers? Like you, we thought they were a distant memory until making our way last week to the Bear & Wolf café in North London. Great coffee, delicious food, a lovely place to sit and a fab playroom for the kids

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