Coping with colds

A guest post by angels & urchins – home to great parenting advice, reviews and much more. Parents (and kids) always dread the onset of colds and flu and now is when bugs are rife, so any little gadgets that might ease a situation or bring relief to discomfort is always welcomed. Here is a selection of some great products that you should have in your medicine cabinet and some that are perfect for travelling. Nuk Nasal Decongester: Successfully get rid of a snotty/blocked nose when baby isn’t old enough to blow it. £3.99 NEW Brother Max 6-in-1 thermometer: This brand

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Getting kids healthy – food hacks and our top tips

Jump to a section: Is there a childhood obesity crisis? Getting kids healthy – the obstacles Healthy food hacks for kids Other tips for getting kids healthier Summary Over the last few years, the healthy and fitness industry has exploded. From Lucy Bee’s Coconut Oil to Joe Wicks’ world domination, we are now, like never before, inundated with cookbooks, fitness DVDs and lifestyle blogs aiming to change the way we eat, exercise and feel. This is all well and good for us grown ups, but what about the little ones in our lives? We can’t, as much as we would

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