Parents reveal their date night horror stories

In the spirit of both Halloween and the return of date-night, we asked parents on bubble to share with us their funniest, cringiest and strangest date night horror stories. Speak to most parents and couples, and getting out of the “dating scene” is definitely seen as a major perk of settling down. And taking a look at some of the anecdotes that came back to us, it’s easy to see why… Here are 10 of the best for you to enjoy… 1. She tried to use the fake emergency phone-call to make a swift exit, but her phone rang whilst

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Annoying parent habits: ‘Surprise’ Pets & Tipsy Parents

As you can probably guess, we’ve spent a fair bit of time talking to parents and sitters about the ‘fun’ that comes with organising a babysitter. Every tiny nugget of information and insight continues to be a massive help in developing bubble, but we thought why should we keep this to ourselves? So here it is, fellow parents – our top 10 most annoying habits according to the sitters we asked (186 to be exact) who were just too nice to tell you themselves. Is it cheeky or the result of tired people being ‘over-enthusiastic’ on a rare night off?

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A failed experiment

Here’s something you probably knew: us parent’s don’t really like sharing our babysitters. Even your most solid, selfless all round do-gooder friend that’ll drop everything for you 99% of the time can be found wanting when asked for the phone number of the amazing sitter that helped them out last week. The same one they instantly regretted ever mentioning to you as soon as they saw your step spring and eyes light up. What’s more, this behaviour is in no way frowned upon, even by the person on the receiving end of it. “Fair enough, I’d do the same” is

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