Baby Driver: the must-see movie

For many, going to see the latest movie takes a back seat once the kids arrive. Tom Cruise becomes Thomas the Tank Engine, whilst Brad and Angelina are replaced by Ben and Holly… That’s why we’ve partnered with Picturehouse Cinemas to give bubble users exclusive 2 for 1 tickets to any Mon – Thurs showing. You can get your exclusive 2 for 1 code here. So you’ve got your code. The babysitter has been booked. Now it’s time to choose a movie. As always, we’re here to help – so here’s a recommendation from us… BABY DRIVER You’re in the car, …

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Babysitting rates: what should you pay a babysitter in the UK?

Jump to section: Babysitting rates in the UK What might the rate depend on? Wrong amount of cash at the end of the night? It’s a personal choice Average Babysitting rates across the UK City Average babysitting rate p/hr Bath £8.50 Birmingham £9 Bournemouth £8.50 Brighton £9 Bristol £9 Cambridge £9.50 Canterbury £8.50 Cardiff £8.50 Edinburgh £9 Leeds £8 Leicester £8.50 London £10 Manchester £8.50 Newcastle £8 Nottingham £8 Oxford £9 Sheffield £8 Southampton £9 Southend £8 Taken from bubble babysitting data, download the app here Since we all need a break from looking after the kids from time to …

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Annoying parent habits: ‘Surprise’ Pets & Tipsy Parents

As you can probably guess, we’ve spent a fair bit of time talking to parents and sitters about the ‘fun’ that comes with organising a babysitter. Every tiny nugget of information and insight continues to be a massive help in developing bubble, but we thought why should we keep this to ourselves? So here it is, fellow parents – our top 10 most annoying habits according to the sitters we asked (186 to be exact) who were just too nice to tell you themselves. Is it cheeky or the result of tired people being ‘over-enthusiastic’ on a rare night off? …

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