Identity Verification on bubble

To help keep all of users safe, bubble verifies a sitter’s identity in real time when they sign up to the app, while parents must register with a verified address and payment card. We do this by working with the 3rd party providers used by some of the world’s biggest financial institutions and other apps and marketplaces like us.

Sometimes, it’s not possible to verify a user via these automated checks and in this instance, we require the user to send us in identity documentation that we can verify ourselves.

Until a user has cleared the verification process, they will not be able to book sitters (parents) and they won’t show up in a parent’s sitter search (sitters).

In the case where a user has failed the automated ID check, the documentation we’ll require from them is:

1.     A clear, close-up photo of the user’s face (no hats or masks!)

2.     A clear, close-up photo of the user’s passport ID Page or driving licence.

3.     A clear, close-up photo of the user holding the above item next to their face.

  1. Close Up of You                                               2. Close up of photo ID                                         3. Close up of You holding your photo ID

 Photo ID Guidance

 Once we’ve received and checked the above three photos from you, we’ll be able to turn your account live within hours.

If you’ve any further questions on identity verification, then just drop us a line at [email protected].


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