Setting your availability on bubble

Parents want to find babysitters in their search who are free when they need them, and we know that sitters hate to disappoint by saying “no” to requests from parents that come in.

What’s more, bubble’s search algorithm promotes those sitters who are best at keeping their availability up to date. In short, if you’re a sitter who keeps your availability regularly up to date, you are going to show up higher in the search results and this’ll mean more job requests.

That’s why it’s really important for babysitters to regularly update their availability in the app. And fortunately, it’s really quick and easy to do it.

Here’s how: Screenshot of bubble availability

1. Open your app and from the homepage, select “My Availability”

2. Scroll through the next two weeks and select “Yes” or “No” next to each “Morning”, “Daytime” and “Evening” slot.

3. You can use the “Available All Day” and “Unavailable All Day” toggles to quickly set your availability for all three slots in any given day.

4. The “Do not disturb” switch at the top of the page allows you to remove yourself from any search results for a temporary period. e.g. if you’re going on holiday. To turn this switch on, tap it, and it’ll turn green – your two week availability calendar will also become greyed out.

You can edit and update your availability at any point, and once up to date, you will only show up in a Parent’s search results if you’re free in the time slot they need.

Remember, sitters who update their availability regularly are shown higher up in a Parent’s search results than those that don’t so checking into the app 1-2 times per week to keep yourself up to date is key to winning more jobs through bubble.

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