Platform Fee Structure for Sitters


(Please note: this fee structure is coming into effect on 15th May, 2018.)

In order to verify and showcase sitter profiles, operate the platform and provide job opportunities from more and more families, sitters on bubble pay a small platform fee on every sit they do.

The fee is deducted at the end of every sit as a % of the sit value and the precise amount depends on two things:

  1. How many times previously has the babysitter sat for this specific parent?
  2. How many sits did the babysitter do on bubble in total during the previous calendar month?

The platform fee will be calculated against the value of the sit as follows:

  • 10%: When it is the 1st sit between a babysitter and a parent.
  • 8%: When it is sit 2-5 between a babysitter and the same parent.
  • 5%: When it is the 6th sit onwards between a babysitter and the same parent.

However, bubble ‘Super Sitters’ pay much lower platform fees.

A ‘Super Sitter’ on bubble is someone who did 5+ sits on the app in the previous calendar month.

bubble wants to recognise and reward babysitters for their great work on the platform. So if you’re a Super Sitter, you will pay lower platform fees. These are:

  • 7.5%: When it is the first sit between a ‘Super Sitter’ and a parent.
  • 5%: When it is sit 2-5 between a ‘Super Sitter’ and the same parent.
  • 3.5%: When it is the 6th sit onwards between a ‘Super Sitter’ and the same parent.

Some additional points:

  • Sitters never pay any platform fees against tips they earn.
  • Sitters never pay any platform fees when sitting for families they have referred to the app.
  • Sitters in new bubble towns and cities may pay a lower introductory rate as a Platform Fee. This will be communicated to them in their app.

Show me an example please!

Using a £30 sit as an example, below are the typical sums that a babysitter will pay per sit in platform fees.

Standard Rate Sitters  ‘Super Sitters’
1st sit with a New Parent £3 (10%) £2.25 (7.5%)
Sits 2-5 with the same parent £2.40 (8%) £1.50 (5%)
Sit 6 onwards with the same parent £1.50 (5%) £1.05 (3.5%)

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