Free Babysitting For Picturehouse Customers

The bubble babysitting app and Picturehouse Cinemas have teamed up to offer customers a free babysitting promotion.

Below are the terms and conditions of this promotion.

  1. This offer gives a Parent signing up to bubble £20 off their first sit on the bubble app, providing they input Picturehouse’s unique promotion code – CBXPF – either during the app sign-up process, or before booking their first sit.
  2. Upon inputting the promotional code, the user’s bubble account will be instantly credited with £20 and this credit will be automatically deducted from their first sit receipt in the app.
  3. This offer is available to new bubble customers only.
  4. This promotion expires on September 1st 2017 at 00:01.
  5. bubble and Picturehouse reserve the right to extend or alter this promotion as they see fit.
  6. bubble and Picturehouse reserve the right to withhold the benefits of this promotion in the event that a customer is deemed not to have complied with the ‘spirit’ of this promotion.
  7. This promotion is subject to the general terms and conditions of the bubble babysitting app which can be viewed here.
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