Here at bubble, we’re all about ways of saving busy parents time, and to be perfectly honest with you, there’s little else we hate more than ironing. Like so many parents, our house feels more like a 24/7 laundrette, with never-ending washing cycles and never-shrinking mounds of clothes that we continuously put off sorting out!

So, we’ve teamed up with Laundrapp to give bubble Plus members an incredible 50% off when they spend £30 or more on their dry cleaning and laundry collection and delivery service. Their app is seriously good, and it’ll make you question ever getting the iron out again!☺

They’ve also been kind enough to part with some essential laundry hacks that any busy parent should relate and pay attention to:

1.    Separate laundry baskets

Digging through the laundry basket to find all your whites takes time, and increases the risk of leaving a random sock out of the load — or accidentally putting a red one in! Instead, get one of those sectioned hampers that allows your family to separate darks, colours and whites as they put them in. Alternatively, buy separate bins and label them, using pictures to help younger children. This system will also make it easier to see when there’s a load that needs doing.

If the kids need a bit of encouragement, set up a rewards chart where they earn a sticker for sorting their washing out properly.

2.    Buy matching socks

Matching socks make pairing much easier, so consider buying a few packs of the same design next time you need new ones. Plus, if each member of your family has their own design or colour, it’ll be easy to separate them ready for putting away — and work out who’s leaving dirty pairs around the house!

3.    Minimise ironing

Ironing tends to be the most time-consuming laundry task, so it pays to take measures that prevent wrinkles forming in the first place. Buying wrinkle-resistant clothes, using the right washer and dryer settings (while avoiding overfilling), and using tumble dryer balls are all simple ways to reduce your ironing load.

4.    Treat stains ASAP

The longer a stain’s left to fester, the harder it will be to remove. Although it might be a bit of a pain at the time, treating a stain as soon as possible will save you time in the long-run — and reduce the risk of permanently ruined clothes. Always have products on hand that will tackle common issues like grass, mud and ink stains.

Make sure the kids know they won’t be in trouble for creating stains, and that you’d much rather know about them straight away than discover them in the laundry basket later!

Using Laundrapp, simply add a description of the stain and its location on the garment, in the ‘cleaning instructions’ section of the app when you order, and they’ll have their professionals tackle it.

5.    Hang straight from the dryer

Many of us are guilty of folding our dry clothes, then leaving them in a pile until we find the time to hang them. Hanging your clothes straight from the dryer or washing line saves a time consuming step, prevents additional creasing, and encourages you to get everything put away as soon as possible.

Plus, if you hang your clothes straight from the tumble dryer while they’re still warm, this will encourage the wrinkles to drop out naturally.

The average Laundrapp customer saved 124 hours by outsourcing their laundry last year. So, instead of wasting precious hours dealing with dirty clothes, tap their app and enjoy some more quality time both with and without your kids this summer. (And if you need a sitter, you know where to turn!)

Simply enter BUBBLE50 when you place your order online at or via the app, available on the App Store and Google Play.


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