How to start a new job during a pandemic (with three kids at home)

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The Bubble team’s newest member, Sarah Hesz, joined the company this month. Faced with the prospect of starting a new job in the middle of a pandemic with her children unable to go to school or nursery, Sarah’s been using the app’s ‘Regular Help’ feature to book a sitter.

Since becoming a mum, I’ve been a bit obsessed with how tech can make parenting easier and more fun. Before joining the brilliant Bubble team, I founded an app called Mush, which is a social app for mums with one million downloads. I have three kids and have been a Bubble user since it launched – so this is basically my dream job.

Olivia with Sarah’s kids

We all could do with a bit of extra help right now, no matter how old your kids are or whether you’re trying to work or not. A lot of us are feeling uncertain. Uncertain about loads of things, but particularly how we are going to function without full school and nursery opening happening any time soon. For the last two weeks, I’ve had the truly wonderful Bubble sitter Olivia come to my house every day to help with the kids. 

It’s been a game-changer. Olivia is a theatre director and teacher of movement, and she’s also some kind of wizard when it comes to crafts and playing with three kids. My kids are delighted and I’ve actually been able to enjoy starting a new job.

There are loads of brilliant sitters and nannies on Bubble right now who are really keen to help with your childcare needs. Download the Bubble app, select ‘Regular Help’ and find local sitters to help make your life a bit easier.

Sarah, CCO @ Bubble


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