How to make the most of Mother’s Day when you’re social distancing

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Mother’s Day, along with pretty much everything else, is shaping up to be very different this year. Pub lunches are out and even spring strolls might not be possible. Sadly, trips to see older relatives with the kids are almost certainly off the cards. Here are a few ideas to make sure Mother’s Day 2020 is still a winner.

Adjust expectations

You may not be able to spend the day galloping around a National Trust property before sitting down for a pub meal (translation: repeatedly yelping, ‘Don’t touch that!’ while dragging whinging kids around a historic house then speed-eating a £20, 800 calorie meal before the toddler spills somebody’s pint and getting eaten by the pub dog). How about a very long lie-in with breakfast in bed followed by a bath instead?

Mail it out

It’d take one heck of a spa trip to top a hand-made card featuring a poster paint flower and badly-spelt declaration of love in wobbly handwriting. If you’re having to stay away from older relatives, get a handmade card in the post ASAP (reports of how long COVID-19 survives on surfaces vary – if you’re worried, send a photo of the card instead). If it looks like school/nursery aren’t going to have a chance to make them this week, a few hints may be in order to make sure this is produced at home…

Mother’s Day 2.0

FaceTime can’t beat a hug, but thankfully, tech is making all this social distancing much easier. Tech-savvy grannies will appreciate seeing cheeky little faces and, if you’ve got the wherewithal and suitably cooperative children, prop up iPad granny so she can join a family game of snakes and ladders or bear witness to yet another ‘show’ staged by the kids. Even social distancing doesn’t get you out of watching The Show, OK mum?

Signed, sealed, delivered

If you’re going to be apart from your mum this Mother’s Day, now’s the time to get ordering – a personalised card, some flowers, chocolates, or a bottle of something could take the sting out of not seeing the grandchildren. Or, if you leave it too late to get something over in the post, deploy a classic Rubbish Offspring trick and offer to treat her to a little something from Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Just Eat for Sunday dinner.

Keep it local

If you’ll be social distancing on Sunday, consider buying vouchers for local restaurants, beauty therapists and attractions as gifts to look forward to. If you were planning on going out to eat, see if you can order a delivery instead. Saves digging into the dwindling pasta supply or having yet another jacket spud with own-brand beans… luxury.

… and of course, Bubble gift cards make a great present, too. They have no expiry date so can be used for some daytime help over coming weeks or for a night out when we’re all out socialising again!


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