Easter 2021: fun things to do with the kids in lockdown

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Easter is just around the corner – and so are the school holidays. But before you fill with the realisation that the kids need to be entertained for a couple of weeks, we’ve got some ideas that will put a spring in their step and keep them away from the chocolate…at least for a bit.

1. Bake up a treat

Okay, so this one won’t keep them away from the chocolate – quite the opposite, actually. But it will get them into the festive spirit and leave you with some sweet treats for the whole family.

Get the kids in the kitchen, put some aprons on and bake some Easter goodies for the whole family. We’d recommend whisking up some Easter Bunny cupcakes or flowerpot chocolate chip muffins and watching them fly off the plate in no time. The kids will love it!

2. Decorate your own eggs

Unleash the artists within by grabbing your paints and creating your own easter egg masterpieces. From little minions to Jackson Pollock-inspired Crayola eggs, there are plenty of designs online to ensure you and the kids make the most bright and exciting eggs this Easter.

Just prepare to get messy…and don’t forget to hollow out the eggshells before your kids start decorating them.

3. Take part in Cadbury’s Worldwide Hide


You may not be able to attend the usual Easter egg hunts that Cadburys put on each year, but they’ve got you covered with their virtual Easter egg hunt extravaganza.

Their Worldwide Hide lets people from across the globe hide an Easter egg anywhere in the world for someone you love. You can hide a virtual egg for free on Google Maps Street View and share a personalised clue with your loved one to help them find their hidden treat.

If you want to take things up a level, you can purchase one of their four Cadbury Worldwide Hide Easter Eggs and then pick a spot to hide it on the map. The kids will be able to uncover where their egg is based on the personalised clue and then get an actual chocolate egg delivered to them.

Find out how it works here.

4. Join Dennis & Gnasher at Kew Gardens

Dennis & Gnasher’s Big Bonanza at Kew


Dennis the Menace, his dog Gnasher and their friends from Beano are heading up an activity-filled day at Kew Gardens this Easter. Kids can expect an interactive story trail filled with jokes and activities.

“Join the ‘banana bunch’ on a mission to protect bananas from evil Dr Gloom, save them from extinction and rescue the fruit-powered superhero Bananaman from capture.” Sounds pretty good, right?

It’s running from 31st March-18th April and you can get your tickets here.

5. Host your own Easter extravaganza!

Now that we can start seeing friends (either as two households or following the ‘rule of 6’), why not get your kids to invite a couple of friends round for an Easter eggstravaganza in the garden? Create clues for egg hunts, put out the cakes you and the kids made earlier and, most importantly, have fun! You don’t need to leave the house to do that.

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