Parents reveal their date night horror stories

Image of two parents on date night

In the spirit of both Halloween and the return of date-night, we asked parents on bubble to share with us their funniest, cringiest and strangest date night horror stories.

Speak to most parents and couples, and getting out of the “dating scene” is definitely seen as a major perk of settling down. And taking a look at some of the anecdotes that came back to us, it’s easy to see why…

Here are 10 of the best for you to enjoy…

1. She tried to use the fake emergency phone-call to make a swift exit, but her phone rang whilst trying to pull it off.

2. We were having a great time, chatting about our friends and family before stumbling on the fact that we were actually related.

3. He asked me to come back to his place. Turns out he meant his Parent’s place. We all ended up watching Gladiator together.

4. We went for dinner and as we sat down to order she said “I’ve actually eaten already”.

5. I showed up to the restaurant and he was already sat down with someone else. Double Booked! Though the look on his face was almost worth it.

6. I was texting my friend who’d set us up asking what on earth she was thinking but sent it to him by accident. He just got up and left without saying a word.

7. We were at quite a fancy bar and the guy just kept ordering more and more, trying to show off. But when the bill came, he asked to go “halves”.

8. We had a really great time at a bar but when we stepped outside she quickly said “wow, you look really different in the light”. It kind of just blurted out.

9. The guy was checking the score on his phone as his football team were playing. They were winning 1-0 with a minute left so I said “well done, you must be pleased”. The other team then scored and he got really angry at me for “jinxing it”.  

10. I went out with this lovely, sweet girl who quickly ended up drinking me under the table before having to put me in a cab home!

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