Introducing Sitter Profile Videos

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We’re making it even easier for parents and sitters to connect with each other through sitter profile videos.

One of Bubble’s best features for building trust between parents and sitters is the sitter profile video. It allows parents to learn more about sitters before booking them, and increases the sitters’ likelihood of being booked – an all-round win!

The videos are a great opportunity for sitters to briefly tell parents who they are, where they’re from, what they do and why they love looking after kids. They also provide a great view into what the sitters’ personalities are like, and how they would fit in with your family. Although sitter photos are incredibly useful, having an introductory video gives parents a better glimpse into the person behind the profile.

Profile videos are currently optional, however we are seeing that more and more sitters are uploading them – which is good news for parents and sitters alike!

Here are a few of our favourite profile videos so far:


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