Investor Summary

Who we are:

bubble is an on-demand babysitting app using social data to connect parents with the sitters that their friends know, use and trust. Founded by two fathers and ex-colleagues at Betfair, the bubble marketplace is redefining how parents access recommended ad hoc childcare, even at extremely short notice.

A community of +25,000 users since launching in August 2016, with monthly bookings and platform volume doubling in Q4 2017.

Exceptional customer feedback – bubble has a Net Promoter Score of 81 and is rated 9.5/10 on TrustPilot. We’ve been named one of Apple’s ‘Apps of 2017’ in the App Store, with WIRED magazine describing it as one of “the best parenting apps”.

Babysitting is a +£1.5bn market in the UK alone and other childcare verticals such as nannies, au-pairs and home tutors increase that number significantly. Our proprietary social graph, which networks our user-base with already +40m data points, allows us to move into other ‘recommended service’ sectors when timing / resource allows.

We are raising a second seed round of £750k – enabling us to roll-out across the UK, launch additional monetisation features and begin leveraging the platform to enter other related verticals.

The Problem:

  • Parents really struggle to find trusted childcare, especially at short notice, and it impacts careers, social lives and even their mental wellbeing. Most don’t like using agencies because of the expense and they don’t know who is being sent to them. Parents want babysitters via personal recommendations.
  • Babysitters cannot meet enough new families and get enough work.
  • Both sides dislike dealing in cash.

The Solution:

  • It’s personal – bubble enables parents to quickly tap into trusted sitters from within their social circle, using their own network.
  • Truly on-demand – parents can book babysitters within an hour of the start time.
  • Great for sitters –easy to connect with more families and get more work.
  • Cashless payment – with sits tracked to the minute and parents able to pay in a tap.

Other key highlights:

  • bubble’s approach to trust in this market is unique, tech-led and scalable. Our proprietary social graph uses numerous data points to show parents the babysitters that already exist within their trusted social network.
  • Sitters pass through SAAS-based verification tools to run identity and background checks, as well as being rated and reviewed by other parents for that personal recommendation.
  • Our Express Book feature means parents can have available babysitters applying for their job in less than one minute (it’s actually 43 secs on average).
  • bubble currently charges a £3.50 booking fee to parents. Other monetisation channels such as subscription are being rolled out in early 2018.
  • The business has been focused on London and is now beginning a national roll-out, with launches in Brighton, Bristol, Edinburgh, Manchester and Cambridge in the next two months.

Management Team:

  • Adrian Murdock, Co-Founder – 7yrs at Betfair, Head of Emerging Markets; 2yrs at, launching the business in Germany;
  • Ari Last, Co-Founder – 3yrs at MarketInvoice, Head of Sales & Partnerships; 5yrs at Betfair;
  • Philippa Yeandle, Head of New Markets – previously Head of Rider CRM at Deliveroo;

Our Investors include:

  • The Kamani Family – & PrettyLittleThing
  • Graham Hobson & Stan Laurent – Founder & CEO, Photobox
  • Andrew Black – Co Founder, Betfair
  • Stephen Morana – CFO of Betfair & Zoopla

Financial Summary:

Investor deck available on request.

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