Integrating bubble with Facebook: The what and the why

The power of a personal connection.

icn-networkTo get the most out of bubble it’s a very good idea to integrate your profile with your Facebook account.

This feature is important because integrating with Facebook is one (important) way in which the app is able to show you other parents and sitters around you from within your network. This makes it much easier for parents to find a trusted babysitter and it greatly improves a sitter’s chances of getting booked.

We appreciate though that most of us have some photos on Facebook we’re not that proud of (!) and that when being asked by apps to integrate with your Facebook account, it’s not always clear what you’ll be giving the app and its users access to.

So we thought we’d try and do that here.

So to be clear, when you integrate bubble with Facebook:

  1. No one has any access or visibility of your wall/timeline
  2. No one can post anything to your wall/timeline
  3. No one has any access to or visibility of your photos

OK, so what does the integration actually do then? 

Fair question!

The integration shows two users if they have any mutual friends on Facebook.

For example, if a parent is viewing a babysitter and they are both friendly with a “Jonathan Smith” on Facebook – then the app will show this to both of them – that’s it.

Quite smart (ahem…), but quite simple too right?

So what are you waiting for then? Download the app today or if you’re already signed up – go get connected!


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