How to Book a Babysitter on bubble

Booking a babysitter on bubble

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Once you’ve created an account and had your identity verified, you’re all set to book a babysitter on the bubble app.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. From the app homepage, select “Book a Sitter” then enter your sit details and hit “search”.
  1. Swipe though the local babysitters on the screen. You can read more about them, see their reviews and whether you have any mutual connections by using the tabs at the bottom of the page.
  1. If you find a babysitter that you want to book, add them to your sitlist. You can either add a few more babysitters to your sitlist, or go straight through to send out your request.
  1. Before sending your request, you have the option of adding some additional notes for the sitter(s) – such as whether your kids have any allergies and/or whether they’ll be awake or asleep during the sit.
  1. Once you’re happy,  fire off your sit request. The same request goes to all sitters you’ve selected, and whoever accepts first takes the booking.

You’ll be notified via a push notification and email when responses from your chosen sitters come in.


  • Once you’ve sent out a request you can monitor the status of it from the “My Sits” page in your app.
  • And once a sit is confirmed, you’ll be able to message the sitter through the app if you need to.

Read more on how to build a sitlist and how a sit works in the app.

Go on and give it a try – download the app here.


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