How a Sit Works on bubble

The bubble app calculates the exact length and price of a sit and lets the parent pay  in a tap at the end of the night.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The sit starts automatically at the pre-booked time.
  1. The “Active Sit”  screen runs throughout the sit, watching the clock and allowing the parent and sitter to call or message each other directly.
  1. Once the parent arrives home, they press the “End Sit” button at the bottom of their “Active Sit” screen. This stops the clock and takes the parent through to payment.
  1. At this point, the app has calculated the exact price a parent needs to pay. The parent has the opportunity to do a quick review and make any edits they require. When they’re happy, they hit “pay now” to pay via their registered card.
  1. The parent and sitter now have the chance to leave their reviews.


  • For parents, a £3.50 booking fee applies on each booking and will be added to the bill at the end of the night

So what are you waiting for? Get the app now.


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