3 top London brunch spots

Fact: we all love brunch. Fact: brunch caters to everyone. From early birds who sweat it out in the gym all morning to night owls who need a caffeine hit, brunch has it all. Pancakes. Eggs. Bacon. Avocado. We repeat, everything.

So here’s 3 of our favourite brunch spots in London. Enjoy!

1. HALLY’S CAFÉ, Parsons Green

Image of Hally's Cafe, Parsons Green

Fancy going on holiday without having to pack your bags? Of course you do. Walking into Hally’s is just like that. It’s light, bright and serene. It’s as if someone took Hally’s from a sunny beachfront in California and placed her in Parsons Green.

Hally’s serve a variety of brunch items, but it’s their avo on sourdough toast that’s the real star of the menu. Yes, the avocado seems to have gone from zero to food-hero overnight, but with Hally’s avo brunch, you can see why the little fella’s so popular. The dish is light, refreshing, and absolutely delicious. So get down there now, before they run out!

2. SHOT ESPRESSO, Parsons Green

Image of Shot Espresso, Parsons Green

Staying in Parsons Green, we’re going for a 5-minute walk up to Shot Espresso, the trendy place-to-be. If you’re a coffee lover, then you already know about Shot Espresso. If you don’t, then do you even like coffee? Their drinks are rich, smooth, and exactly like coffee should be. They specialise in the stuff, and oh boy, it shows.

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Dean Martin liked his with a kiss, but he would’ve traded that in a heartbeat had he been to Shot Espresso. Their poached eggs are runny, silky, and all so satisfying. Throw in a toasted English muffin and creamy Hollandaise sauce, and you’ve got yourself the perfect match of crafted coffee and fab food.

You can thank us later.

3. DRINK, SHOP & DO, Kings Cross

Image of Drink, Shop and Do, Parsons Green

Drink, Shop & Do is an eclectic café specialising in fun. Visit during the day and you’ll hear laughter, see board game city, and find yourself immersed in a sea of smiling faces.

Brunch is about good food, and even better coffee, right? Not anymore. Drink, Shop & Do have replaced the word coffee with a little thing called Prosecco, and it’s going down a storm.

£25 gets you bottomless Prosecco and an unlimited supply of bagels – our favourite is topped with sun-blushed tomatoes, tapenade and sweet herbs – but there are plenty to choose from. You’ll leave feeling full, merry, and eager to find the nearest bar!

So go on down, let loose, and treat yourself – you deserve it.

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