5 things to do in London this summer

Image of London in the sun

We’ve just had the hottest day in June for more than 40 years. Some loved it, others hated it; almost everyone talked about it. Whether you like it or not, summer has arrived, and it did so in formidable fashion.

So here are 5 awesome things to do in London whilst the sun has his proverbial hat on. Some you can do with your kids; others you may need to book a sitter for – speaking of which, we know an app that’s good for that…


Image of The Beach in Brent Cross

With the long summer days upon us, what better than feeling the sand beneath your feet, listening to the ocean, and watching the setting sun kiss the sea? There really isn’t anything quite like the beach – it’s just a shame London doesn’t have any… Oh wait, it does.

Welcome to The Beach Brent Cross – where urban beach meets seaside resort. What it lacks in ocean it makes up for in sheer fun. There are splash pools, rides, cocktails, and of course, sand… lots of it. It’s a celebration of summer, and one we guarantee your kids will love!

£3 entry (rides are extra)


Image of Regent's Park Open Air Theatre

“Award-winning. Legendary. Atmospheric.”

Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre is a truly breath-taking venue. Whichever show you see, we guarantee you’ll be begging for more. The surrounding landscape adds a sprinkle of magic to productions – silences are filled with the rustling of leaves and chirping of birds, and the curtain of trees hugging the stage makes every performance feel incredibly intimate.

The Open Air Theatre is unique – it is a modern-day amphitheatre, and one we should all visit – particularly when the sun is out!


Image of a Rooftop cinema

We all love going to see a movie, but it’s one of the first things to stop once the little people arrive.

So why not roll back the clock? Book a sitter, bask in the moonlight, and watch a movie on a London rooftop – sounds good, right? Rooftop Film Club has plenty of locations – they show new releases, cult classics and much, much more. So take a seat in their comfy deckchairs, put on your wireless headphones, and lose yourself in a great film – it’s long overdue.


Image of Neverland Beach

We’re heading back to the beach, because summer isn’t really summer without it.

This time it’s Neverland – a beach-inspired getaway where you and friends can relax, catch up, and pretend you’re on a tropical island. Their boutique beach huts accommodate up to 8 people, and you really will forget that you’re in London. What’s more, bring the booze and their talented mixologists will create a delicious cocktail to your liking – pretty cool, huh?

They also have street-food vendors, all of which taste amazing. (Le Rac-Shack is too good to describe, but if you love cheese, brace yourself for something special…)

Make sure you book ahead – there are limited tickets on the door.


Image of a park in London

Why spend money when you can go to one of London’s glorious parks? It’s so easy to take them for granted and they often go overlooked.

Strolling through Regent’s Park is reminiscent of a sunny countryside walk – high trees embrace its many gardens, wildlife is plenty, and it is simply a beautiful place to be. Hyde Park boasts a massive 350 acres of green field – so there’ll be loads of room to find your perfect picnic spot. You can also hire a pedalo and enjoy its famous Serpentine – the kids will love it!

Or better yet, go onto google maps, search for local parks, and discover what may be a secret gem.

Whatever you plan on doing, make sure you get out, embrace the sun, and have a great time with friends and family. That’s a bubble order.

And if you’re planning on having an adults-only day/evening, remember to book one of the many amazing sitters on the bubble app!

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