3 London restaurants we’re loving

Okay, your babysitter is sorted (using bubble, obviously), it’s Friday night, the feeling’s right, and you’re craving heavenly food and scintillating service. Well stop preaching – because we feel the same.

Many call Paris the food capital of the world… others say New York. Well we think London is up there with the very best. Where else can you find such incredible diversity? We’ll tell you – nowhere. And with this multicultural melting pot comes great food, lots of it.

Yes, finding amazing food in London is easy – it’s choosing where to go that’s the hard part. So here are a few fab restaurants that capture London’s spirit.

1. The Black Pig with White Pearls, Stoke Newington

The Black Pig with White Pearls transports you to a world bounding with Spanish passion.

Here, authentic Mediterranean dishes are served by candlelight to the sweet sounds of traditional Flamenco. It’s intimate, traditional, and a great place for romance… and tapas.

The beauty of tapas is that there’s something for everyone. From Ibérico pork and a wide meat/fish selection, all the way through to vegetarian options, nobody leaves The Black Pig on an empty stomach.

So, sit back, picture the ocean, and immerse yourself in enchanting España.

They only take cash. Come prepared.

2. Kinkao, Shoreditch

Brick Lane is synonymous with Indian restaurants; yet what lies amidst them is a little pearl of a place, and it goes by the name of Kinkao.

Kinkao delivers bold flavours, beautiful presentation, and stunning décor – it really is a little taste of Thailand for us Londoners.

If you’re looking for a bit of lip-smacking and mouth-watering action (careful), Kinkao’s Red Curry is the answer. The dish has established itself as a firm crowd-favourite, with a review like this, you can see why:

“I was nearly licking the plate… it has to be the best Thai food I have tried outside of Thailand”

So get yourself down to Brick Lane, push the Kinkao entrance and open your newly-discovered portal to South-East Asia; we have a feeling you’ll be doing it more than once.

3. BOBO Social, Fitzrovia

If like the rest of us, you’re all aboard the gourmet burger bandwagon, then check out BOBO – your soon-to-be second home.

BOBO = burger heaven.

Their ‘Debauchery Burger’ is divine. It’s ingredients? Wagyu beef, Ogleshield cheese, bacon mayo, and as you’d expect from a quality burger establishment, shaved truffles. Oh it sounds good; it tastes even better.

And if you don’t mind the odd gamble, take a punt and choose BOBO’s Peanut Butter burger – the burger equivalent of our recent election – you start off thinking it’s going only one way, until the unexpected happens and it proves everyone wrong! Hats off to BOBO for this break-through burger.

We’ve done the hard bit, now it’s over to you. Pick a place, book your sitter and enjoy.

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