3 Awesome Things We Saw For Parents This Week

Thought a lazy Sunday afternoon relaxing in the local café was a thing of the past? Think again! Here are three awesome things we saw last week, which as parents we wanted to share…

Bear & Wolf Cafe

Image of Bear and Wolf Cafe, North London

Remember those heady days of spending hours in a local café, sipping coffee while casually working your way through the Sunday Papers? Like you, we thought they were a distant memory until making our way last week to the Bear & Wolf café in North London. Great coffee, delicious food, a lovely place to sit and a fab playroom for the kids in the back. We spent close to three relaxing, fun hours there, which as parents with two young kids made us feel pretty damn good (perhaps a little too good). There are similar types of kid-friendly café’s cropping up across London and the rest of the country so our advice is to find your local one and make a day of it!

Suction ‘Stay Put’ Feeding Bowl

Image of Bamboo feeding bowl

Here’s a rhetorical question: During meal-times, does your kid’s food often end up on the floor? If you ignored the rhetorical element of that question and answered “No” then you’re clearly some kind of ninja wizard and we’d love you to tell us your secret. If it was “Yes!” like the rest of us mere mortals then check out this really cute and clever contraption from Avanchy. It’s a neat, good-looking wooden bowl with a suction pad on the bottom of it. It costs £15 on Amazon and comes in five different colours. (Thanks to the guys at Squeak for alerting us to this one)

The Baby Bullet

Image of Baby Bullet

We absolutely love the NUTRiBULLET, so couldn’t resist when coming across their “baby bullet” model. What’s smart is that they have different settings for when you want to puree fresh ingredients, and when you and the little ones want something a bit chunkier. The best thing about the “bullet” is that it’s a really great way to get the kids eating healthier. Kale, ginger and carrot smoothies for breakfast? Just call it “Dino Juice” and it’ll go down a treat. (John Lewis is selling it for £56.)

That’s your lot – have a great weekend!

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