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We all make sacrifices when our kids come along. Sleep. Reading. New clothes. The gym. A quiet pint. The radio we like. The TV we watch. A tidy home. Airport shopping. Half the food on our plate. And perhaps hardest to take of all, the cinema.

Countless parents I know, myself included, go months, even years without going to the cinema after having kids. Why? Because what was once the easiest way to have a great night out quickly becomes difficult to justify.

The expense; tickets + food + babysitter, the hassle of finding a babysitter and the very real risk you’ll fall asleep as soon as the lights go down (I drink black coffee in the car on the way) means that for a lot of parents the cinema is the thing we end up giving up first and missing the most.

That’s a huge shame because despite our fondness for Netflix, there’s no replacing the big screen. Which is why despite the ubiquity of small screen technology, on demand TV and streaming services, millions of people still love going to their local cinema. Just not very many of them are Parents with young kids.

Well we’d like to help change that so we’ve partnered with Picturehouse cinemas to offer parents on bubble 2 For 1 cinema tickets, Monday-Thursday across their amazing London venues.

It’s like Orange Wednesday’s but without those ads.

We specifically chose Picturehouse because if you’ve ever been to one of their theatres you’ll know that the setup there makes it feel more than just a movie – dinner, drinks, the arts and generally a really nice place to spend an evening. That’s important because our free time is precious and we like to make the most of it.

Picturehouse are also already synonymous with being creative and making an effort when it comes to parents and their kids, with their Toddler Time and Kids Clubs providing a great way for Mums and Dads to get to the cinema with their kids in tow.

Though let’s face it, watching a movie with your child next to you is no replacement for watching one, well you know, without them.

To claim your 2 for 1 cinema tickets with Picturehouse, sign-up to the bubble babysitting app today (if you’ve not done so already) and then access your unique promo code here. And watch this space for other competitions and offers with Picturehouse in the next few weeks.


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