11 reasons why Mums are superheroes

We all know our Mums are bonafide heroes, but which superhero would your Mum be? Probably all of your favourites wrapped into one, because when it comes to super-powers – they’ve got the lot.

1.  They can appear in 3 places at once. 

Superman, DC Comics, Warner Bros

School pick-up, work meeting and your sister’s dentist appointment all at once? Sure. No problem.

2. They can crush you with a silent stare.

WonderWoman, DC Comics, Warner Bros

Normally reserved for those times when you did something really bad and rather than scream at you, they just stared in disappointment, saying absolutely nothing at all. The shame!

3. They’re saving us all, but we don’t appreciate it.

Spiderman, Marvel Studios

Taken you to school, made you lunch, done your laundry, picked you up, incinerated someone for just looking at you the wrong way, crushed it at work, taken you to practice, and helped you with your homework. But you love dad more because he “cooked you” tinned sausages and beans for dinner.

4. They can lift bone-crushing weight.

Iron Man, Marvel Studios

Have you seen what’s in their handbag?

5. They get dressed in less than 30 seconds.

Superman, DC Comics, Warner Bros

Sometimes in a phonebox.

6. They sometimes wear pants on top of their trousers.

Superman, DC Comics, Warner Bros

Caused on occasion by a cocktail of exhaustion, having to get dressed in the dark and no longer giving a flying…

7. They don’t sleep.


Ever seen superman having a nap?

8. They can read your mind.

X Men, Marvel, Fox

They know where you’ve been, what you’ve done and who you’ve done it with. Don’t think you can play them. Not for a second.

9. You won’t like ‘em when they’re angry.  

The Increadible Hulk, Marvel Comics, Universal

Just. Get. Out.

10. They have an arch nemesis. 

Hurrah for Gin

World Book Day.

11. They’re the stuff of legend.

And we’d be utterly nowhere without them.

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