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We’ve Partnered With Uber To Better Support Their Mums And Dads

When we started Bubble, we figured our app would be predominantly used by mums and dads to reclaim their social lives; evening and weekend sits, booked so they could spend more time with each other and their friends.

And while much of what we see on the platform enables just that (and it’s a hugely important issue in it’s own right), today, Bubble is about so much more than a Saturday night out, with almost as many sits now being booked by parents who need flexible childcare in order to work.

Today, thousands of working parents tap into Bubble to arrange trusted childcare, whether they need it so that they can work from home, or get into the office.

We’re super proud about being a solution here because the problem is enormous – and growing. In the UK, one million more mothers are now in work compared to 10 years ago, whilst 40% of employers admit that childcare problems are impacting them because of the tiredness, irritability and stress they cause their employees.

Meanwhile, the accelerating trend towards flexible working means a parent’s childcare needs are becoming more fluid and ad-hoc. Solutions from providers and support from employers will be needed to accommodate how we increasingly like and need to work.

For a company, going out of their way for the parents who work for them is a total no-brainer. They will benefit from having more productive, better-motivated and more loyal employees as a result.

As employers, we want not only brilliant people to work for our business but ones who are passionate about their work and loyal too.

As people, loyalty to someone or something is evoked when we feel that they genuinely care about us.

And as parents, genuinely ‘caring for us’ means showing care and concern for our kids.

It struck me recently how since starting Bubble, I’ve both never worked harder nor seen my kids more. It turns out, being utterly devoted and ‘present’ both at work and at home with your family aren’t mutually exclusive.

To anyone managing a team, my advice would be don’t just tolerate parents choosing to put their kids first. Insist on it. Their happiness and the quality of their output depends on it.

All of this is why we’re now partnering with employers to give their mums and dads premium access to the Bubble platform – making it convenient, affordable and secure for them to arrange trusted and flexible childcare whenever they need it.

We’re really excited to be kicking things off with a scheme at Uber. A business like theirs taking the initiative on this hugely important issue will help shine a light on a problem that still needs so much work in fixing.

We want to play a role in ensuring that all working mums and dads can be their very best – both at work and at home. This is a great step, with, we hope, many more to come.


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