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Bubble For Startups Announces First Cohort of London Based Startups

Congratulations on being selected to join Bubble For Startups: Micrographia Bio, Happity, Paws in Work, Oxford Medical Products and MAMA Codes!

Each of these five early stage startups will receive a year’s worth of access to Bubble For Work’s employer-subsidised childcare offering and up to £1000 in childcare credits. Childcare is fundamental to improving diversity within startups, which is why we are so proud to have five brilliant startups join our Bubble For Startups programme.

As startup leaders, each recipient recognises just how essential childcare is to keeping working parents—women especially—in the workforce. Research shows that working parents make up three in seven of the current workforce, and with 74 per cent of millennials planning to have children, a family-friendly culture and accompanying benefits are critical to the success and longevity of tech startups.

Are you a founder of an early stage startup?

Don’t miss your chance to be one of the fifty startups being granted £1000 worth of on-demand and emergency backup childcare for their parents.

Find out more information here.

About Bubble for Work

Bubble for Work empowers parents with brilliant childcare and family support. Employers can boost their employee offering with flexible childcare, and health and wellbeing support from Bubble for Work.

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