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Announcing Bubble For Startups: Awarding £50,000 In Free Childcare

For those wanting to find out more and apply to boost their employee offering with flexible childcare, visit Bubble for Startups.

The current childcare crisis affects the competitiveness of every startup in the UK today. Gender parity, and the innovation gains that come with it, cannot fully be achieved without childcare. It is fundamental to parents’ ability to stay in the workforce, which is why 1 in 4 working women rate childcare support as the most important benefit employers can offer.

The UK tech sector has historically had a retention problem when it comes to keeping high-performing, talented women who happen to be mums in the workforce. That’s why we’re proud to announce Bubble For Startups, a new initiative offering Greater London startups the chance to enhance their employee benefits packages with free on-demand childcare and increase support for talented women and men with caregiving responsibilities.

“For start-ups to become more diverse and attract brilliant talent it’s vital that they start to invest in childcare. Having been a start-up ourselves we know the struggles faced and hope this levels the playing field.”


Founder and CEO of Bubble, Ari Last

Employer-subsidised childcare provisions have a significant impact on the mental health and work-life balance of working parents, women and single parents especially. Making it no surprise that almost ninety percent of parents are more loyal to employers that offer childcare support.

Tangible family benefits such as childcare are a fast-growing requirement of attracting a more diverse pool of talent. A global survey from Deloitte released earlier this year found 1 in 4 working women rate childcare support as the most important benefit employers can offer to improve gender equality. As hybrid working becomes the norm, it’s vital parents and carers have access to a contemporary childcare model to match.


Why do London startups need more childcare?

More nurseries and childcare centres have shut in London than any other region of the UK.  Throughout the pandemic parents–more often than not women—have been forced to step back from full-time employment with childcare being a primary factor of their decision. And in the nation’s capital, the cost of childcare for a one-year-old child has grown seven times faster than wages—that’s 75 percent higher than the rest of England.


What value is childcare to tech startups?

The loss of a single working parent to inadequate childcare can cost a startup with already limited reserves thousands in recruitment, onboarding, training and productivity loss. As a sector we can and must do more to attract and retain the high-performing talented parents—more often than not women—who have no choice but to exit the workforce because of lack of access to affordable, flexible childcare.


Why Bubble for flexible working friendly childcare?

Bubble is the UK’s biggest on-demand childcare platform, with over 100,000 users and 5-star Trustpilot rating. Parents use the app to find, book and pay local sitters or nannies who come recommended from their friends and other parents in their area.



About Bubble for Work

Bubble for Work empowers parents with brilliant childcare and family support. Employers can boost their employee offering with flexible childcare and inclusive family-oriented health and wellbeing support from Bubble for Work.

Visit Bubble For Work to learn more on how forward-thinking businesses like Numis and Vitality use Bubble to help their future, expecting and existing parents excel at home and at work.


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