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Ada Ventures Partners With Bubble For Startups

Across all sectors, lack of reliable childcare has been a key factor in women’s decisions to depart full time work and continues to serve as a barrier to achieving gender parity in the higher ranks. With the UK having the second most expensive childcare in the world, subsidising childcare is too costly for most early stage startups.

Last month, we announced the launch of Bubble For Startups, making employer-subsidised childcare support a more accessible benefit offering for early-stage startups. With the aim of improving the diversity and inclusion of the tech sector, we’ll be awarding £50,000 in childcare credits to tech startups based in the Greater London region. Many esteemed members of the London tech community came together in support of this initiative, including social impact VC and Bubble investor, Ada Ventures.

“Providing childcare support for your employees is a game-changer. It is the responsibility of founders to put this sort of benefit in place from the start in order to build a diverse team which feels understood and supported.” — Check Warner, Ada Ventures, Investor in Bubble

Promoting diversity through childcare

Bubble is a family support provider offering start-ups the chance to enhance their employee benefits packages and appeal to more diverse talent with free on-demand babysitting. The Bubble For Startups programme is awarding 50 Greater London start-ups £1,000 of free childcare credits, which can be exchanged for flexible childcare on the Bubble Childcare app.

Submit your application to the Bubble For Startups programme today!

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