Express Book on bubble – how it works

There are soon to be two ways in which parents book babysitters on bubble:

“Browse & Book” & “Express Book”.

This article explain how Express Book will work for babysitters on bubble.

Express Book is a great way for parents to find babysitters at short notice. If a parent needs a babysitter for either today or tomorrow they can use Express Book to ‘post’ their job requirements.

The app then alerts nearby babysitters who can review the details and apply for the job. Parents then see a shortlist of babysitters offering their services, and confirm the booking with the one that’s right for them.

This differs from bubble’s “Browse & Book” feature  – whereby parents send sit requests to specific babysitters, who are then required to confirm the sit.

Here’s how Express Book works:

  1. Make sure your Express Book “toggle” is turned ON in your My Profile section.
  2. When you receive an Express Book request,  review the details and if you want the work, then apply for the job..
  3. The app will send you a notification if the parent confirms the sit with you or if the parent chooses someone else.    

Here’s a 30 second video showing how to turn on your Express Book toggle.


Some important points

  • bubble caps a parent’s shortlist at 10 babysitters. So responding quickly to opportunities will be crucial.
  • Babysitters who respond quickly to requests and regularly keep their availability up to date will not only receive more Express Book requests, they will also get them before other sitters.
  • Babysitters with well written profiles, clear photographs, and positive reviews from other parents on the app are far more likely to be selected by Parents for the sit.
  • Express Book does not prevent a parent sending a booking request to a particular or favourite babysitter. They can still do this via the app’s “Browse & Book” feature.

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