Express Book on bubble – babysitter FAQs

What’s the difference between Browse & Book and Express Book?

With Browse & Book, a parent selects specific babysitters to send their request to. The babysitters then need to respond and accept the sit.

Express Book is currently only available to parents for sits either today or tomorrow.

With Express Book, parents ‘post up’ their requirements and babysitters in the local area get notified and are able to apply for the job. The parent then gets a shortlist of available sitters and confirms the booking with the sitter they deem is right for them.

If I apply for a job, how will I know if I get it?

Once you’ve applied for a job, it’s down to the parent to pick a babysitter and confirm it with them. The app will send you a push notification and confirmation email when a parent confirms the sit with you. Likewise, if you’ve applied for the job and were not chosen, the app will send you a push notification informing you that the job is no longer available.

A new request I received is now not showing up in my app. What happened?

If you can no longer see a request in your app, it means that it’s no longer available and another sitter was already booked for it.

What if I apply for a job but then can no longer do it?

At any point after applying for the job, you can withdraw your offer in the app. However once you’ve been confirmed for the sit by the parent, cancelling on them may result in your bubble profile being downgraded, and for same-day cancellations, temporarily deactivated.

If I’ve applied for a job, can I still get other job offers too?

Yes. You will continue to receive other job requests until you’ve been confirmed for one of them. As soon as you’ve been booked by one parent the app automatically removes you from the shortlists of the other jobs you’ve applied for, so you can’t be double booked.

Can I be available for both Express Book and Browse & Book requests?


Do I still need to set my availability in the app?

Yes! The app is designed to send more Express Book requests to the babysitters who keep their availability up to date. And you still need to keep your availability up to date if you want parents to request you via the Browse & Book feature.

How do I boost my chances of getting these requests?

You will receive more Express Book requests if you regularly keep your availability up to date and respond quickly to all requests you receive. The app automatically prioritises babysitters who do this.

Babysitters with a personal connection to the parent (either directly or via mutual friends) will also receive the job opportunities first. bubble instantly connects you to the friends of any parents who you sit for in the app. You therefore build your network on bubble by doing more sits with more families. So ensuring you run all – or as much of – your babysitting activity via bubble will also help.

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