Sign the Personal Balance Pledge to take action in your workplace today.

We’re calling on senior leaders across the UK to join a community of organisations committed to accelerating progress in workplace family support and work-life balance, signing this Pledge as a statement of commitment.

The Personal Balance Pledge

Poor work-life balance and family support has a significant impact on employee productivity, attraction and retention. If things are to change, improving family support in the workplace must be a priority for workplace leaders.

By signing this pledge, I commit to playing my part in making a family-friendly work culture and work-life balance a visible priority for the people within my organisation and playing a critical role in raising awareness.

As a signatory of the Pledge, my organisation will:


Promote a family-friendly culture starting at the top.

Reducing the stigma against work-life balance, our senior managers and executives agree to lead by example by talking openly about family responsibilities and taking time off to tend to family affairs.

Include family support benefits in job listings.

We recognise that current and future staff—inclusive of those planning to start a family, already with children, or going through sensitive life stages—are afraid to ask for help, and so proactively make our commitment to supporting work-life balance known.

Develop and deliver tangible support.

Updating at least two key family support policies and mechanisms of support within the next 12 months, we intend to measure the impact of our efforts, openly share progress, and inspire change across our organisation and wider community.

Over 20 leaders have already signed up

Signatories of the Family Life Balance Pledge have committed to prioritising better work-life balance and enabling support for people at every stage of life. We are delighted to share the following signatories who are dedicated to enabling a happier, healthier, and more balanced workplace and continuously encourage new businesses to join us in raising the bar.