Become a bubble Community Manager

Image of mums and babies

bubble is a social babysitting app built by parents, for parents. We’ve had a great start since launching a few months back, having been really well received by the media and loved by the thousands of parents who’ve signed up to the app.

We’re now looking for creative, sociable and passionate Mums to join our team and bring bubble to their own local communities.

We need people who love networking and love bringing new, helpful ideas to their friends and community; a creative trend-setter, passionate about brilliant new products and services with the influence and personality to bring others along with them. If this is you, then we’d absolutely love to talk to you.

This is a part-time/freelance position (30-50 hours per month), working directly with the bubble Founders. Your remit will be your own local community and your goal will be to seed the bubble app within it via a mix of local marketing tactics.

What will this be? Well really that’s for you to decide. We’ll look to utilise your own skills, local knowledge and expertise and together we’ll set the strategy and monthly action plan aimed at achieving our objectives.

If you’re interested, please do drop us a line at or contact us via our Facebook Page.