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Book and find brilliant pet sitters with our new Petcare service. 

The perfect sitter for your furry friend

Reclaim your social life, manage your career or even just for an extra pair of hands, we’ve got the perfect fit for you!



Book a walk for exercise and fresh air


Care for your pet in your home


Care for your pet in the sitter’s home


Book visits for feeding and playtime

Find exceptional Petcare in just 3 steps

Post your Petcare job

Create your booking request and alert incredible local pet sitters

Choose your sitter

You get to review all the applicants and pick the one you like best


Pay in a tap

All your sits are tracked, insured and you pay seamlessly in a tap 


You asked, we listened

We’ve been childcare experts for years, helping busy families find the childcare they need. 

Loads of Bubble families also have pets, so we’ve made it really simple to book Petcare in a few simple taps.

Trust is everything

Our 12 Trust Pillars outline the checks we do and tools we offer parents, to help ensure that only the best sitters thrive on Bubble

Background checks and verification

References and reviews

Meet-ups and interviews


What is Petcare and what can I use it for?
Petcare is Bubble’s brand-new feature where you can find help for your favourite furry friends. It’s super powerful and intuitive, helping your pets get the best care possible. You can choose from four booking types: Walking, Sitting, Boarding and Drop-ins.
How do I add pets?
When you post a Petcare booking for the first time, you’ll have to add a pet before your booking can be sent to sitters. Adding info like your pet’s date of birth, food requirements, schedule info etc aren’t mandatory, but they are very much preferred. Once you’ve added a pet, you’ll be able to select them from your list of pets when you next post a Petcare booking — easy as that.
How do payments work?
There are no hourly rates in Petcare. Sitters instead will apply with an overall price for your booking*. You’ll see their price for your booking on their profile when they apply. Once your booking is confirmed, either you or your sitter can agree to amend the payment if required.
* An important note to make is that specifically for recurring Petcare bookings, the price given by the sitter is their cost per individual booking, not for the whole thing in one go.
How can I book a sitter directly?
You’ll notice there’s a new toggle in the top right of your Favourites. All you need to do to send a direct Petcare request is select your sitter, toggle to Petcare in the top right, then tap ‘Create Petcare request’. Once you’ve sent them your direct request, they’ll then be able to respond to your booking with their price. You’ll be notified when they do, and if you’re happy with the price they’ve quoted you, you can then confirm the booking with them.

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