Becoming those parents: 5 Top tips for parents on bubble

BullseyeSo you’ve got the bubble app and created a great personal profile – what do you need to do to become those parents? The ones that any local sitter would cancel their own birthday party to go and sit for…(OK, not quite, but you get the gist.)

We canvassed a load of sitters, asking them what makes for the ideal parents to sit for – they came back with the following:

  1. They’re committed

Those parents rarely if ever cancel on them. And if they have to – because sometimes things are just unforeseen – they’re courteous and fair about whether or not payment is still required. We know most sitters will never ask for this when cancelled on, but if it’s late in the day, or if it’s on a particularly busy night (e.g. New Years Eve) then some form of payment as a gesture of goodwill is very much appreciated.

  1. They’re tidy

 A messy house is not going to put sitters off completely but when given the choice of babysitting in a bomb site or somewhere serene the latter always wins out. So while those parents don’t worry about getting a cleaner round before the sitter shows up, they do make some kind of effort to tidy up (even if it is chucking everything and anything into the spare room…)

  1. They keep track of the time

Those parents let the sitter know if they’re running late and check if it’s OK before deciding to stay out a bit later.

They also don’t make a habit of coming home much earlier than they said they would. Sitters take on jobs expecting to earn a minimum amount that evening, so coming home early is no good for them – unless they’re still paid for the time they were told they’d be needed for. Those parents always do that too.

  1. They’re up-front

Most hero-sitters are comfortable, capable and happy to babysit for an older kid, younger kid, more than one kid and even an under-the-weather kid. They just like to be told in advance what’s required of them before they step in the door. Those parents are the ones that give their sitters the low-down in good time, instead of texting them instructions from the cab.

  1. They’re connected

 Parents love booking babysitters that their friends already know and use. Likewise sitters love to sit for parents they too have a personal connection with.

Those parents are the ones with a great reputation amongst a sitter’s local families and friends.

So use the bubble app to get connected with the sitters around you and ask them to leave you a nice review once they’ve babysat for you.


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