Becoming that sitter: 5 Top tips for babysitters on bubble

BullseyeSo you’ve got the bubble app and created a great personal profile – what do you need to do to become that babysitter? The one local parents call out to first in their time of need.

We canvassed a load of parents, asking them what makes a “hero sitter” – they came back with the following:

  1. They’re responsive

Whether they can do the sit or not, that sitter lets them know quickly so that they can either get on with planning their night out or look elsewhere. Remember, for many parents (usually the dads to be fair!), the urge to go out is often a small five minute window of time between the idea popping into their head, and them copping out by reaching for the TV remote.

Striking while the iron’s hot is therefore key.

  1. They’re committed

That sitter rarely if ever cancels on them. A parent knows that their word is their bond and that once the sit’s arranged, they can look forward to their time to breathe out without trepidation.

  1. They’re flexible

That sitter lets parent’s know up-front what their cut off time is and whether they’re going to be able to sit a bit longer if need be.

Often, parents won’t know the exact time they’re going to be home (and sometimes, only sometimes things get a little wild and they want to stay out a bit longer) so it’s good for them to know in advance what leeway they’ve got.

  1. They’re on-time

That sitter shows up on time, or at least gives parents due warning as soon as they know they’re running late.

  1. They’re connected

Parents love booking babysitters that their friends already know and use.

There is nothing as powerful as a personal connection when it comes to deciding who you’d like to look after your kids. That sitter is the one with a great reputation amongst a parent’s local families and friends.

So use the bubble app to get connected with the families around you and ask parents to leave you a nice review once you’re done sitting for them.

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