Are Babysitting Agencies Worth The Hassle?

When asked who their ideal babysitter is, most parents will reply, ‘Mary Poppins!’. In reality, sitters and nannies who are practically perfect in every way tend not to blow in on the east wind. With a world of sitters to choose from, parents have traditionally relied on agencies to filter through the candidates and find the best-suited applicants, conduct interviews, check references and sort the paperwork. For an agency to find the Poppins for every position is time-consuming and expensive but when it comes to children’s happiness, safety and wellbeing, parents are understandably prepared to pay a premium. Thankfully, however, …

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Working together to support our NHS

During the COVID19 pandemic, it is imperative that NHS staff can be available for their shifts. With schools, nurseries and other regular childcare facilities closed indefinitely, parents in the NHS will struggle to arrange the alternative childcare they need – particularly ad hoc and at short notice – to carry out their work. Whether they can or cannot is a matter of life and death. Across the country, medical students (including the brilliant Sam & Jenny from Edinburgh Med), NHS staff groups, and other stakeholders in the medical community, have decided that they will offer childcare (and other) services to …

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