“Meet the Sitter”

In the process of getting bubble off the ground, we’ve been fortunate enough to meet and talk to lots of fantastic babysitters, boasting all kind of talents, backgrounds and experience. It made us think that we’d like to showcase some of the hero sitters we’re lucky enough to have on the app, so we decided to start a regular feature on the blog – Meet the Sitter – in which we ask one of the bubble babysitters nine questions about them (10 felt a bit clichéd….) and why they enjoy the work they do. First up, is Katie Maughan, a …

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A failed experiment

Here’s something you probably knew: us parent’s don’t really like sharing our babysitters. Even your most solid, selfless all round do-gooder friend that’ll drop everything for you 99% of the time can be found wanting when asked for the phone number of the amazing sitter that helped them out last week. The same one they instantly regretted ever mentioning to you as soon as they saw your step spring and eyes light up. What’s more, this behaviour is in no way frowned upon, even by the person on the receiving end of it. “Fair enough, I’d do the same” is …

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5 great apps for busy parents

When my first kid Zeb arrived, amidst all the fun and excitement, I do remember thinking to myself that parenting was just too hard! Atara and I used to laugh about it but in all seriousness, for all of the innovation we’ve seen since the dawn of the internet, parenting’s not really gotten much easier to the extent that it has for almost everything else we do. The idea for bubble only came a couple years later and in helping parents find a babysitter easily, I’d like to think we’re doing our bit, but we’re not the only ones – …

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