The school half-term survival guide for parents ‘too cool’ (cough) to plan

  Been too busy to think about school half-term, let alone plan anything? And you don’t want to waste a lovely family Bank Holiday weekend frantically ‘Googling’ educationally and emotionally fulfilling kids’ days out, or booking ridiculously expensive family mini-breaks? We don’t blame you! These days the pressure is on to plan every second, so if you’re an organised mum or dad who’s already got half term mapped out, then hats off. And if you’re the one who’s escaping to work next week, we salute you. But if you’re the parent who’s been head down and – BAM! – half-term has just hit …

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How to deal with a 1 year old heckler!

Hatty Ashdown – a comic and mum from South East London and MC of Screaming With Laughter, the original London lunchtime comedy club for parents and babies – describes the perils of mixing comedy and kids. “Everyone knows dealing with a heckler is one of the biggest challenges for a stand-up comic – well, how about when that heckler is 1 year old! I took over running Screaming With Laughter from comic Lucy Porter (the one off the telly) earlier this year, and MC’ing these shows is different to any other gigs I’ve done. It’s an amazing, unique challenge as …

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Why We’re Ditching ‘Date Night’ (and you should too)

“You managed to get a night out together – amazing!” Before having kids, no-one ever congratulates you on going to the pub… Now it’s all about the ‘date night’. Apparently, it’s something we all need to schedule into our lives in order to protect our relationships. Did we even use the phrase ‘date night’ seriously before becoming parents, and we started to feel like getting dressed up and heading out of the house without the kids required months of military planning? Maybe it’s because lots of people don’t live near their families anymore, which means they don’t automatically have childcare …

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Annoying parent habits: ‘Surprise’ Pets & Tipsy Parents

As you can probably guess, we’ve spent a fair bit of time talking to parents and sitters about the ‘fun’ that comes with organising a babysitter. Every tiny nugget of information and insight continues to be a massive help in developing bubble, but we thought why should we keep this to ourselves? So here it is, fellow parents – our top 10 most annoying habits according to the sitters we asked (186 to be exact) who were just too nice to tell you themselves. Is it cheeky or the result of tired people being ‘over-enthusiastic’ on a rare night off? …

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What’s in a name?

One of the hardest decision we’ve had to make so far has been what to call our app. I think decisions like these are tough for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s something that everyone will have an opinion on – irrespective of age, experience profession or perspective. We’re all qualified to say whether we like a name or not and opinions differ wildly. It’s a bit like a TV advert – any viewer naturally and instinctively forms an opinion on whether it’s “any good” or not, making everyone an expert in their own right. Another difficulty is that you’re having …

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