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The clocks have turned their backs on us: it’s dark when we wake up for work; and even darker when we get back. Not to mention the painfully crisp autumn air…

Well, it’s not all doom and gloom, as Bonfire Night is fast approaching! So, gloves on and sparklers at the ready, as we all prepare to gather round, etch our names in the dark, and watch an explosive display of mesmerising colours.

If you’re out and about in London this week, we’ve got some must-visit firework shows for you to check out that are sure to end with a bang:

Alexandra Palace (November 3rd-4th)

Image of Alexandra Palace firework night

The Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival is one of the biggest, most extravagant displays in the city.

Every year, fireworks illuminate the sky over unrivalled panoramic views of London.

But it’s not just fireworks that make it THE place to be. Expect lasers – lots of them – as an epic laser show cuts through the evening sky. Incredible music accompanies the spectacle as performers, fire breathers and dancers tell the story of a Phoenix’s rebirth from the flames.

What’s more, there’s a German bier festival, playing host to 4,000 people revelling to live music, street food, and of course, lots of beer.

It’s the capital’s hottest firework event for a reason… in fact, it’s so good, it’s happening twice.

Grab your tickets here.

Victoria Park (5th November)

Image of Victoria Park firework night

London’s favourite park is back on Guy Fawkes duty this year with a stunning sci-fi inspired event that is sure to be out of this world.

“Produced by Walk the Plank, this year’s celebration will bring a mix of both contemporary and classical tracks synchronised to a dizzying sequence of fireworks and special effects.”

Blast off starts at 7pm and what’s more, it’s FREE.
More info here.

Kempton Park Superhero Fireworks Spectacular (4th November)

Image of Kempton Park firework advert

In West London? Get yourself and the family over to Kempton Park Racecourse for one of the biggest firework displays set to, you guessed it, superhero tunes.

It’s guaranteed excitement for the whole family with a massive funfair, countless food stalls and an eye-popping firework show lasting over 20 minutes. Once the fireworks have fizzled out, continue the family fun at the Racecourse – it doesn’t shut until 10pm! What more could you want?

Gates open at 5pm.
Get your tickets here.

Battersea Park (4th November)

Image of Battersea park Bonfire Night

The skies of Wandsworth are about to ignite as Battersea Park hosts the return of yet another awe-inspiring pyrotechnics masterclass. This year’s theme is ‘power’, so get ready for a breathtaking show with electrifying music.

Gates open at 6pm, the bonfire is lit at 7.30, and the real fun begins at 8pm.

The 50,000 capacity sells out in advance, so be sure to get your tickets quickly.
Get your tickets here.

Remember to bring cash, as there are no cash points on site.

Blackheath (4th November)

Image of Blackheath's Bonfire NightImage courtesy of Vickie Flores.

One of London’s largest firework displays attracting up to 100,000 people each year.

Get ready for funfairs, food, drink, and an exuberant show that is bound to set the Lewisham skyline ablaze. All for a costly sum of £0. That’s right, it’s free.

The family fun starts at 12pm, food and drink is available from 5pm, and the spectacle begins at 8pm.

Wimbledon Park (4th November)

Image courtesty of Ken Tsuda

Not one, but two displays will be shooting off into the sky at Wimbledon Park this weekend.

The first theme: Disney. So take the kids and let them bask in the magic of Mickey and Simba as a flamboyant firework show ignites their wild imagination.

Later in the evening, a more elaborate display begins for adults. This year’s theme? Festival Headliners. So get ready to start head-banging and air-guitaring as Wimbledon Park rocks your socks off.

Gates open at 5.15pm.
The Disney display starts at 6.45pm (bonfire lit at 6.30pm)
The Festival Headliners display starts at 8.30pm (bonfire lit at 8.15pm)
Get your tickets here.

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