Blockbuster movies turned into bedtime stories

Image of bubble's bedtime story covers

Image of bubble's bedtime story covers

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It’s National Storytelling Week! To mark the occasion, we’ve turned last summer’s biggest blockbusters into bedtime reads for little ears.

Charlize Theron’s ass-kicking Atomic Blonde and the twenty-years follow-up Trainspotting 2 are among the titles we’ve adapted.

But worry not, the content could not be further from bone-crushing fights and drug heists – instead, the stories take the main plot of each film and apply a kid-friendly twist…

  1. FOUR GO HOME TO SCOTLAND (Trainspotting 2): A tale of four mischievous friends who are always up to no good. When one of them plays a prank on the gang, the others won’t rest until they get their own back.
  2. THE BOYS WHO BATTLED (Thor Ragnorak): The story of two school boys who decide that after years of constant battles, enough is enough and it’s better to forgive than forget.
  3. THE SECRET AGENT’S CAT (Atomic Blonde): The story of a daring young girl who races to rescue her best friend’s cat following a trail of clues.
  4. THE SPIDERMAN THAT WANTED TO MAKE FRIENDS (Spiderman 2): Sometimes it doesn’t matter how super you are, making friends at a new school can be difficult. Together with a gang of people he wouldn’t have expected, Ben Baker learns that being super doesn’t always refer to your powers.
  5. AN ADVENTURE IN EGYPT (The Mummy): When a family embark on an exotic holiday to the north of Africa, they decide to see if the ancient legend of Queen Latisha is true, but they get more than they bargained for.

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