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3 things we’re loving this month

December can be a stressful month when you’re a parent. There’s so much pressure to keep up with everyone else and make sure your kids don’t miss out, while Facebooking the hell out of it all at the same time. This year, we’re particularly grateful for the people who have made it their business to ease the burden by bringing Christmas to us. Here are our top three: Giftwink This one is a total no-brainer. You simply tell Giftwink who you need to buy gifts for, and they come back to you with some personalised suggestions that are so good

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5 things to do in London without the kids

Christmas time in London is fantastic when it comes to family activities and things to do with the kids. Though it’s also a pretty great time to do some things without them…Here are our top 5 picks. Cuddle up in an igloo The Coppa Club has installed eight heated igloos on their terrace for the festive period. They’re walk-in only, so one of the few festive experiences you don’t need to book months in advance. Right on the banks of the Thames, and made from transparent plastic, they’re the perfect place to sit back and watch the world go by.

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The Top Five Last Minute Festive Getaways

Since we heard the exciting news that bubble is being promoted on Easyjet kids’ boarding passes, we have been daydreaming of boarding a flight for a winter getaway. If you’re also thinking about treating the family to a long weekend of festive fun, read on for the places that have made it onto our wish list. Christmas markets: Berlin & Edinburgh Berlin offers some of the best Christmas markets in all of Europe, and it so should; it boasts over 50 of them! With the aroma of mulled wine and the ready availability of humungous sausages (with curry ketchup of

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3 reasons your next babysitter should be a guy

When choosing the perfect person to take care of your children, your instinct might tell you to choose a woman. However, there’s a growing demand for male nannies and babysitters, and some very compelling reasons to give a ‘manny’ a chance the next time you need a break: Using a male sitter from time to time teaches kids that men are equally capable of looking after them, and that both men and women can assume traditional caregiving roles. That’s a lesson we want our children to learn, right? Both boys and girls need strong, positive male role models. This is

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Seven Signs That The Car Belongs To a Parent

We’ve been out doing a bit of Flyering this week in North and South-West London which was fun, cold and character building… As well as coming out with thicker skin, mild frost-bite, and loads of useful feedback on our app, the exercise also got us thinking about the different ways you can tell if a car belongs to a parent. Here’s what we came up with. Essentially, you know the vehicle is parent-owned when: There’s an assortment of random  – for want a better word –  “crap” on the dashboard; a spoon, a sock, crumpled bits of A4, a rubber

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3 Awesome Things We Saw For Parents This Week

Thought a lazy Sunday afternoon relaxing in the local café was a thing of the past? Think again! Here are three awesome things we saw last week, which as parents we wanted to share… Bear & Wolf Cafe Remember those heady days of spending hours in a local café, sipping coffee while casually working your way through the Sunday Papers? Like you, we thought they were a distant memory until making our way last week to the Bear & Wolf café in North London. Great coffee, delicious food, a lovely place to sit and a fab playroom for the kids

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